The Dub Family - Lifted
Dub Ghecko - Love to be power of each
Dub Ghecko - Love to the power of each
Dub Specialist - Banana Walk
Dub Syndicate - 93 Struggle
Dub Syndicate - God is a man
Dub Syndicate - Not a word (74)
Dub Syndicate - Not a word (74)
Dub Tractor - Part Orange
Dub War - Strike it
The Pogues & The Dubliners
Dubstar - Elevator song (The Mixes)
Dubstar - Stars (Original Mix)
Donald Duck - Mr. Duck (that's Donald !)
Dude - Money runners (Florian Blasel RMX)
Düsseldorfer Männergesangsverein
Walter Scheel und der Düsseldorfer Männergesangsverein
Duice - Dazzey Duks
Duke - Scoca havve meh tu tul bey
George Duke - Au-right
Dulfer - Streetbeats
Candy Dulfer - Saxuality
+ David A. Stewart/Candy Dulfer
Hitch Hiker & Dumondt
Dumpy - We party
David Dundas - Jeans on
Dune - Are you ready to fly (Radio Mix)
Dune - Can't stop raving (Video Mix)
Dune - Hand in Hand (Video Mix)
Dune - Million miles from home
Dune - Million miles from home (Video Mix)
Dune - Nothing compares to you
Dune - On of us (Bravo Mix)
Dune - Rainbow to the stars
Dune - Who wants to live forever
Dune feat. Vanessa - Electric Heaven (Radio Edit)
Dune feat. Vanessa - Keep the secret (Radio Edit)
- Vanessa
Dunn and Bruce Street - Shout for Joy
Mike Dunn - Face the nation
Mike Dunn - Personal problems
Duo California - Yo te quero ..
Duprée - Brass Disk
The Duprees - You belong to me
Jermaine Dupri
Duran Duran - A view to a kill
Duran Duran - All she wants is (Euro Dub Mix)
Duran Duran - Girls on film
Duran Duran - I don't want your love
Duran Duran - Is there something I should know ?
Duran Duran - Perfect day
Duran Duran - Planet Earth
Duran Duran - The Wild Boys
Duran Duran - Whitelines
Duran Duran - Wild Boys
Angéle Durand - C'est magnifique
Angéle Durand - Chanson d'amour
Angéle Durand - Der Student von Paris
Angéle Durand - Moulin Rouge
Ian Dury - Sex & drugs & rock & roll
Dust - Condominium
Dutoit, Charles
Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal, Charles Dutoit
Jacques Dutronc - Le responsable
Dyer, Ada
Thump'n Johnson feat. Ada Dyer
Dynamite Deluxe - Wie jetzt (97½)
Dyva - Everybody's talking to me


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