Jerry McAllister - What I do
McAlmont & Butler - You do (Radio Edit)
- Butler
McCampbell Brothers
Mac Band featuring The McCampbell Brothers
Paul McCartney - My Brave Face
Paul McCartney - No more lonely Nights (Special Dance Mix)
Paul McCartney - Once upon a long ago
Paul McCartney & Wings - Live & let die
- Wings
+ Beatles
Pual McCartney - No more lonely Nights
Curtis Mc Clain - Let's get busy
Nicole McCloud - New York Eyes
Tommy McCook - Tunnel One
McCoy, Kevin
Hydra vs. Kevin McCoy
Van McCoy - Soul Cha Cha
Van McCoy - The Hustle
The McCoys - Hang on Sloopy (My Girl Sloopy)
George McCrae - Breathless (Smooth Club Vers.)
George McCrae - I can't leave you alone
George McCrae - Rock your baby
George McCrae - Rock your Baby (Extended Version)
+ Kena Amoa & George McCrae
Malcolm McDonald - I shot the Sheriff
McDonald, Michael
Patti La Belle & Michael McDonald
McFadden and Whitehead - Ain't no stoppin' us now
McFarlane, Rachel
Loveland featuring Rachel McFarlane
McFarlane, Rechel
Loveland featuring the voice of Rechel McFarlane
Bobby McFerrin - Don't worry, be happy
Bobby McFerrin - Good lovin'
Francine McGee - Feelin' good
Owen McGrae - Keep the fire burning
Tim McGraw - Indian outlaw
Freddy McGregor - Just don't want to be lonely
Barry McGuire - Eve of destruction
Clark McGunn & Hillmann - Don't you write her off
- Hillmann
Ellen McIlwaine - Jimmy Jean
Ronnie Mc Intosh - Flying time
Maria McKee - If love is a red dress (hang me in rags)
Maria McKee - Show me heaven
Scott McKenzie - San Francisco
Scott McKenzie - San Francisco (Be sure to wear some flowers ..)
Les McKeown - Nobody makes me crazy (like you do)
Brian McKnight
McKoy, Noel
JTQ with Noel McKoy
Mc Lachlan, Sarah
Delerium feat. Sarah Mc Lachlan
Macolm McLaren - Double Dutch
Malcolm McLaren - Madam Butterfly
Malcolm McLaren - Waltz Darling
Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Gals Remixed by Rakim
- Rakim
Malcolm McLaren & the World Famous Supreme Team - Buffalo Gals (Original Mix) (109)
- World Famous Supreme Team
Bitty McLean - Over the river
Don McLean - American pie
Don McLean - American pie (Album Version)
Penny McLean - Lady Bump
Rory McLeod - love like a rock (in stormy sea)
Lutricia McNeal - 365 Days
Lutricia McNeal - Ain't that just the way [87]
Lutricia McNeal - Ain't that just the way (Extended Version) (87)
Lutricia McNeal - Ain't that just the way (Hurb's Mix)
Lutricia McNeal - Ain't that just the way (Original Version)
Lutricia McNeal - Ain't that just the way (Radio Edit)
Lutricia McNeal - My side of town
Lutricia McNeal - Someone loves you honey
Lutricia McNeal - Stranded
Lutricia McNeal - Stranded
McSpadden, C.L.
Markus Schulz & C.L. McSpadden


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