Soak - Shutter gut
Gino Soccio - Magic
Social Distorsion - I was wrong
Sofa Surfers - The plan
Sofa Surfers - The plan (Original)
Soft Cell - Tainted love
Soft Cell - Tainted Love/Where did our ..
Soft Cell - Tainted love/Where did our love go (145)
+ Almond, Marc
Soho - Hippychick
Soho - Love Generation Remix
Soho - Piece of You
Potuznik vs. Sokol
Sole Fusion - We can make it
Pepe Solera - Greensleeves
Solid Harmonie - I'll be there for you
Solid Harmonie - I'll be there for you (Single Edit)
Solid Harmonie - To love once again (Radio Mix)
Solid Harmony - Got 2 have ya
Bobby Solo - Du hast ja Tränen in den Augen
Jimmy Somerville - Comment te dire adieu
Jimmy Somerville - Dark sky
Jimmy Somerville - To love somebody
Jimmy Somerville - You make me feel (mighty real)
Jimmy Somerville with Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (1991 Remix)
- Bronski Beat
Jimmy Somerville feat. June Miles Kingston - Comment te dire adieu
- Kingston, June Miles
+ Bronski Beat
+ Communards
Somethin' for the people
Something for the people feat. Trina & Tamara - My love is a shhh! (Radio Edit)
- Tamara
- Trina
Jimmy Sommerville - Read my lips
Son Volt - Back to your world
Sonat featuring Mr. Soop - Let me hear ya [he hoo]
- Mr. Soop
Sonia - Be young, be foolish, be happy
Sonic Dream Collective - Happy Tune
Sonique - Hear my cry
Fred Sonnenschein und seine Freunde - Ja, wenn wir alle Englein wären
+ Zander, Frank
Sonny & Cher - I got you babe
- Cher
Sonz of a loop da loop era - Turntable Psyko
Soon E MC
Phil Beat feat. Sophia
Soraya - Suddenly
Sort Sol - Let your fingers do the walking
Soul Asylum - Black Gold
Soul Bossa Trio vs. Jazzanova - Words of love (Original) (136)
- Jazzanova
Soul Familia - Uptown (126)
Soul for Real - Every little thing I do
Soul for Real - Every little thing I do Dudearella Remix
Soul for Real - Every little thing you do
Soul II Soul - A dreams a dream
Soul II Soul - Get a life
Soul II Soul - Love enuff
Soul II Soul - People
Soul II Soul featuring Caron Wheeler - Back to life (However do ..)
Soul II Soul featuring Caron Wheeler - Keep on movin'
Soul II Soul feat. Caron Wheeler - Keep on moving
- Wheeler, Caron
Soul Searcher - U N I
Soul Symphony - Alright now!
Soul Syndicate
King Tubby & Soul Syndicate
Soul Vendors - Death in the Arena
The Soulchip feat. V. Scott - Let's rock
- Dlugosch, Boris
- Heilbronn, Matthias
- Jerk Work
- Lange, Michael
- Scott, V.
The Soulchip feat. V. Scott - Let's rock
The Soulchip feat. V. Scott - Let's Rock (Dangerous Club Mix) (125)
The Soulchip feat. V. Scott - Let's rock (Jerk Work Remix)
The Soulchip feat. V. Scott
The Soulchip feat. V. Scott
- V. Scott
The Soulchip feat. V. Scott - Let's Rock (Jerk Work Remix) (126)
- V. Scott
Soulful Dynamics - Mademoiselle Ninette
Soulfuric - Sea of Passion
Soulfuric - Sea of passion (The calm B4 the storm) (128)
Soulsearcher - Can't get enough (Vocal Club Edit) (128)
Soulsearcher - Do it to me again
Soulsearcher - Do it to me again [A1] (128)
Soulsister - The Way to your Heart
Soulsonic Force
Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force
Soultans - Can't get my hands of you (7" Mix)
Soultans - Can't take my hands off you (7" Mix)
Soultans - I heard it through the grapevine (Radio-Video Mix)
Soulvibes presents Tameka Starr
The Sound - Hand of Love
Sound Dimension - Baby Face
Sound Dimension - Heavy Rock
Sound Dimension - Real Rock
Sound Dimension - Rockfort Rock
Sound Lovers - People
Sound Lovers - Run a way
Sound of Blackness - The Pressure
Sound of Blackness - The Pressure (U.B.P. Classic Club Mix) (126)
Sound of Blackness - The Pressure/Hold on
Sound of One featuring Gladeez - As I am
- Gladeez
Sound Waves - Give it up girl
Sound Waves - I wanna feel the music
Soundgarden - Pretty Noose
Soundgarden - Spoonman
Soundlovers - People (Radio Edit) [129]
The Soundlovers - Run-a-Way (Summer Reprise)
Soundmachine - Feel good
Soundmachine - Feel good (Feel Latin Dub) (128)
Sounds Incorporated - Rinky Dink
Sounds of Blackness - I believe
Sounds of Blackness - Testify
The Soundtrack of our lives - Songs from the instant freebase
Soundwaves - Gotta have you (Smooth Mix)
Soup Dragons featuring Junior Reid - I'm free
- Junior Reid
Source - You got the love
The Source - Clouds
The Source - You got the love (Erens Bootleg Mix) (111)
South Central Cartel - Servin' 'em heat (Dirty Version)
South East Section - Thought I'd forget
South Street Player - (who?) Keeps changing your mind
South Street Player - (who?) Keeps changing your mind (Remix)
Southern Spirits - Deep inside of you (126)
Southside Rockers - Everybody now (Olà ey) (Radio Edit)
Southside Rockers - Rock on
Southside Rockers - Rock on (Radio)
Souvlaki - Inferno (Inferno Radio Edit)
Sovory - Soul
Space - Magic fly
Space - Mister Psycho
Space Frog - Follow me
Space Frog - Follow me (Extended Vocal Version) (137,7)
Space Frog - Follow me (Live Version) (146,0)
Space Frog - Follow me (Spacerunner Mix) (138,0)
Space Frog - X-Ray (Follow me) (Video Vocal Edit)
Space Frog feat. the Grim Reaper - I feel Ur pain
Space Frog feat. the Grim Reaper - (X-Ray) Follow me (Extended Vocal Version)
- Grim Reaper
+ The Sunclub
Space Raiders - Glam raid
Spacedust - Gym and tonic (131,3)
Spacedust - Let's get down
Spacedust - Let's get down (Original Mix) (130)
Spacedust - Music feels good with you (127,3)
Spacehog - Cruel to be kind
Spagna - Call me
Spagna - Dance Dance Dance
Spagna - Every girl and boy
Spandau Ballet - Be free with your love
Spandau Ballet - Fight for ourselves
Spandau Ballet - Gold
Spandau Ballet - True
Spanish Fly - We will rave you (New Radio Edit)
Spanish Gypsy - Spanish Gypsy
Spargo - Just for you
Spargo - You and me
Sparks - Beat the Clock
Sparks - When do I get to sing "My Way"
Sparks - When do I get to sing "My Way" (Sparks Radio Edit)
Sparks - When I kiss you (I hear Charly Parker playing) (Radio Edit)
Sparky feat. Maggey - Follow me - fly away
Sparling, Steve
Time Code featuring Steve Sparling
Spear of Destiny - Rainmaker
Spearhead - People in tha middle (Album Mix) (85,5)
Spearhead - People in the middle
Britney Spears - on more time
Britney Spears - ... Baby one more time
Specials - Ghost Town
Spektacoolär - Du bist abgehau'n
Spektacoolär - Meine kleine Schwester (Radio Edit)
Spencer Davis Group - Keep on running
Spencer Davis Group feat. Steve Winwood - Keep on running
- Winwood, Steve
Tracie Spencer - It's all about you [not about me]
Tracie Spencer - Save your love
Sperate Minds - First Bass (Remix)
Spermbirds - In many ways alike
Spermbirds - Pop Song
Spermbirds - You're not perfect
Spice - Together again
Spice - Together again (Original Version) (124)
Spice 1 - Playa man
Spice Girls - 2 become 1 (Single Version)
Spice Girls - Goodbye (Radio Edit)
Spice Girls - Mama
Spice Girls - Say you'll be there
Spice Girls - Spice up your life
Spice Girls - Spice up your life (Stent Radio Mix)
Spice Girls - Stop (130)
Spice Girls - Too much
Spice Girls - Viva forever (Radio Edit)
Spice Girls - Wannabe (Radio Edit)
Spice Girls - Who do you think you are (118)
+ Beckham, Victoria
+ Melanie B
+ Melanie C
Spider Murphy Gang - Cadillac
Spider Murphy Gang - Schickeria
Spider Murphy Gang - Skandal im Sperrbezirk
Spider Murphy Gang - Wo bist du?
Spider X featuring M.L.G. - Jack attack
Spider X feat. M.L.G. - Jack Attack (Drop Dishes Remix)
- M.L.G.
Bernd Spier - Das kannst du mir nicht verbieten
Bernd Spier - Das war mein schönster Tanz
Bernd Spier - Memphis Tennessee
Spike - Respect (Radio Mix)
Davy Spillane - The Road to Ballyalla
Spiller - Batucada
Spiller - Groove Jet (If this ain't love)
Spin Doctors - Two princes
Spin Doctors feat. Biz Markie - That's the way (I like it)
- Biz Markie
Spinners - Could it be I'm falling in love
Spiritual Cowboys
Dave Stewart and the Spiritual Cowboys
Spitting Image - The Chicken Song
Splash - I need rhythm
Splash - Joy and Pain
Splash - Set the groove on fire
Spliff - Carbonara
Spliff - Das Blech
Spliff - Deep in the City
Spliff - Déjà vu
Spliff - Sweet as Radio
Split - Hey DJ! (gimme a fat beat)
Split - Hey DJ! (gimme a fat beat) (Xtended Version) (136)
Split Mirrors - The right time
Split Second - Flesh 1991 Remix
Sponge - Rotting Pinata
Spooks - Things I've seen "The Remixes"
Spoon, Marc
Jam & Spoon
Spoon Nation - I don't know
Spoon Nation - I don't know (Long Version) (130)
Dusty Springfield - In Private
Dusty Springfield - Reputation
Dusty Springfield - Son of a preacher man
Dusty Springfield & Daryl Hall - Where woudl I be
- Hall, Daryl
+ Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield
Rick Springfield - Celebrate Youth
Rick Springfield - Speak to the Sky
Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A.
Bruce Springsteen - I'm on fire
Bruce Springsteen - Santa Claus is comin' to town
Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel of Love
Springwater - I will return
Spyder D - This is just a bonus
Sqeezer - Blue Jeans (New Radio Single)
Sqeezer - Saturday night
Sqeezer - Saturday night (Party Single)
Sqeezer - Saturday night (Party-Single Mix)
Sqeezer - Sweet kisses
Sqeezer - Tamagotchi (Video/Radio Version)
Sqeezer - Without you (Radio Video Single)
+ Bed & Breakfast / Mola Adebisi / Sqeezer
Square One - Party can't done
Squeeze - Hourglass
Squeezer - Blue Jeans (Radio-/Video Hit-Single)
Squeezer - Scandy Randy (Dance Radio Version)
Squeezer - Wishing you were here (Radio/Video Version)
Squonk - The Ring
Srawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday
Sreamadelica - Absolutely Fabulous {128,0}


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