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Weather Girls - It's raining men [136]
Weather Girls - It's raining men (12") {136,4}
The Weather Girls - It's raining men
The Weather Girls - The Sound of Sex
The Weathermen - Punishmen Park
Marti Webb - If he walked into my life
Marti Webb - Send in the clowns
Konstantin Wecker - Bayernpower
The Wedding Present - Convertible
Wee Papa Girl Rappers - Best of my love
Wee Papa Girl Rappers - Get into the Groove
Wee Papa Girl Rappers - Wee Rule
Weeks and Co - Knock, knock
Weeks, Michelle
Bobby D'Ambrosio featuring Michelle Weeks
Alex Wegner - Blumen für die Señora
Weird Science - Feel the need (Milk & Sugar Latin Mix) (126,8)
- Milk & Sugar
Weissglut - Unschuldsengel
Bob Welch - Sentimental Lady
Mary Wells - My Guy
Papa Wemba - Yolele
Gottlieb Wendehals - Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat zwei
Gottlieb Wendehals - Dingsbums
Gottlieb Wendehals - Hände hoch
Gottlieb Wendehals - Herbert
Gottlieb Wendehals - Polonäse Blankenese
Gerhard Wendland - Das machen nur die Beine von Dolores
Gerhard Wendland - Domino
Gerhard Wendland - Heimweh nach dir
Gerhard Wendland - Jambalaya
Gerhard Wendland - Mona Lisa
Gerhard Wendland - Schläfst Du schon
Gerhard Wendland - Tanze mit mir in den Morgen
Wendy & Lisa - Waterfall '89
Wendy & Lisa - Lolly Lolly (According to Prince)
- Prince
Juliane Werding - Am Tag, als Conny Kramer starb
Juliane Werding - Der Würfelspieler
Juliane Werding - Drei Jahre lang
Juliane Werding - Nacht voll Schatten (Moonlight shadow)
Juliane Werding - Sehnsucht ist unheilbar
Juliane Werding - Sonne auf der Haut
Juliane Werding - Stimmen im Wind
Juliane Werding - Vielleicht irgendwann
Juliane Werding - Wenn du denkst, du denkst
Juliane Werding - Wenn du denkst du denkst dann denkst du nur du denkst
Werner - Das muss kesseln!!!
Werner - Pump ab das Bier
Werner - Pump ab das Bier (Doppelbock-Edit) (125)
+ Wichtig, Werner
Angela Werner - Hast Du Angst vor dieser Nacht
Margot Werner - So ein Mann
Pe Werner - Weibsbilder
Wes - Alane
Wes - Alane (Club Remix (Short Version)) [125]
Wes - Alane (Radio Mix) [122]
Wes - Awa awa
Wes - Midiwa Bôl (I love football)
Fred Wesley - House Party
Fred Wesley and the New JB's - If you don't get it the first time, back up and try it again
- JB's
Bugge Wesseltoft - Eve nin
Bugge Wesseltoft - Sharing
West Phillips - (I'm just a sucker) For a pretty face
West Street Mob - Break dancin' - Electric Boogie
Westbam - and Party
Westbam - Beatbox rocker (Short) [131½]
Westbam - Celebration Generation
Westbam - Celebration Generation (Maximal) {151,2}
Westbam - Celebration Generation Remix
Westbam - Crash course
Westbam - Crash course (Short Cut)
Westbam - Hard times (Short Cut)
Westbam - Hold me back
Westbam - Let yourself go
Westbam - Let yourself go (Soft Technologie Mix)
Westbam - Monkey say monkey do
Westbam - Saxophone {123,3}
Westbam - Test the Westbam
Westbam - The Mayday Anthem
Westbam - The Mayday Anthem (N-R-G Remix)
Westbam - The Mayday Anthem (The Plutone Mix) {136,6}
Westbam - The roof is on fire
Westbam feat. Marusha - The Mayday Anthem
Westbam feat. Marusha - The Mayday Anthem (N-R-G Remix)
Westbam feat. Marusha - The Mayday Anthem (Plutone Mix)
- Marusha
+ Dr. Motte and Westbam
Westernhagen - Wieder hier
Westernhagen - Willenlos
+ Müller-Westernhagen, Marius
Wet Wet Wet - Sweet little mistery
Wet Wet Wet - Sweet surrender
Wet Wet Wet - With a little help for my friends
Whale - Hobo humpin slobo babe
Whale feat. Bus75 - Four big speakers
- Bus75
Wham - Bad boys
Wham! - Careless whisper (Extended Mix)
Wham! - Club Tropicana
Wham! - Everything she wants
Wham! - Freedom
Wham - I'm your man
Wham - Last Christmas (Puddng Mix)
Wham! - The edge of heaven
Wham - Wake me up before you go go
+ Michael, George
What the Fuck is? - Out of the blue
Caron Wheeler - Livin' in the Light
+ Soul II Soul featuring Caron Wheeler
Whigfield - Another day (Radio Nite Mix)
Whigfield - Saturday night
Whigfield - Sexy Eyes
Whigfield - Sexy eyes (David's Epic Edit)
Whigfield - Think of you
Whirlpool - The Cold Song (Original Album Version)
Whirlpool Productions - Moon Huh and Harvest
Whirlpool Productions - The Cold Song
Whispers - And the beat goes on
The Whispers - It's a love thing
Whistle - (Nothing serious) Just buggin'
Whistling Jack Smith - I was Kaiser Bill's Batman
Andrew White - I'm only wounded
Barry White - For your love
Barry White - I'm gonna love you just a little more babe
Barry White - Sho 'you right
Barry White - You're the first, the last, my everything
Barry White & Chris Rock - Basketball Jones
- Rock, Chris
White, Jack
Jack White's Project
Karyn White - The way you love me
White Moon - Lost worlds
Peter White - Nicht ein Wort davon ist wahr
White Plains - My Baby loves lovin'
Ron White - Fly like an eagle
White Town - Your woman [103]
White Zombie - More human than human
Marilyn E. Whitelaw - Jeannie's Diner
Whitesnake - Here I go again (USA Remix)
Roger Whittaker - Abschied ist ein scharfes Schwert
Roger Whittaker - Albany
Roger Whittaker - Eloisa
Roger Whittaker - I don't believe in it anymore
Roger Whittaker - Leben mit dir
Roger Whittaker - Wenn es dich nocht gibt
Whodini - The haunted house of rock

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